What is ShopZcoin

ShopZcoin is a brand new developed cryptocurrency for worldwide issue by World Cloud Ventures.

Cryptocurrency also known as virtual coin , it developed base on blockchain backbone . In other word the value of cryptocurrency was actually because of the foundation technology “Blockchain”.

02. Coin Issuance & Mechanism

Shopzcoin , A total of 2 Billion coins will be issued globally. 25% of total coins issued will be reserved and used as bonus coin of for a 5% per annum bonus. ( Capped at 500 million )

In addition to ensuring its value and investment relevance , the quota issuance mechanism will strategically ensure that investors and users continue to push the boundaries of this blockchain market. It is a systematic in reward our investors and users. This in return will create a long term value through blockchain technology.

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This will be an irreversible trend.

03. Blockchain Technologies & Feature

Historical Background

In 2009, based on dissatisfaction over the issuance of sovereign currencies in the commodity economy and monetary policy, a netizen named Zhong Shan Cong applied consensus initiative open source software to create a revolutionary cryptocurrency system. The first block, the “Creation Block”, is the block chain of Bitcoin that has  reinvented the blockchain technology in recent years.


Blockchain is the most disruptive technology since the invention of the Internet.

Based on blockchain technology , cryptocurrency (Shopzcoin) is founded based on the below criteria;


Better Security

Blockchains tend to have better security because there is no single point of failure that can shut down the network. Even the highest levels of our financial system are vulnerable to hacks. Bitcoin on the other hand, has never been hacked. Sure it’s possible to hack individual private keys if they’re not securely stored, but the network itself remains fully secure.


Without Third Party

Without the intervention or involvement of third parties or individuals; cryptocurrencies are currencies that are not issued by the statutory monetary authority nor governed by the Central Bank so that users can interface directly with each other, rather than through a central control system that acts as an intermediary role . Which means faster and cost saving.



Cryptocurrency success is also based on transparency in which everyone has a copy of the accounting ledger which means any discrepancies are easily noticed.


Distributed Data Storage

It is completed by blockchain cryptographic calculations. Transactions is recorded by the entire computer network and the verification of each transaction must be confirmed by the block chain calculations

How It Works?

  • Anyone with any mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop is considered a node. Every device connected is consider a node. Each node will be used in maintaining the database
  • Anyone can participate in the blockchain network via the internet from anywhere is the world
  • Data Replication can be done automatically
  • All transaction are published in public ledger viewed by everyone


Compete to convectional operation , blockchain do not require complex procedure  to proceed a transaction , user can make a transaction peer to peer without  3rd party involvement such like banker. This mean you are enjoying almost 0% fee of making transaction.

In term security  in blockchain any node that fails or attacked will not cause any downtime to the entire blockchain network , as node will be patch automatically if it is corrupted or attacked .

In order to destroy or edit the blockchain record , hacker are require edit or destroy over 51% node at the concurrent time which we so call “mission impossible”

  • Instant Transfer
  • Without Third Party
  • Save Cost
  • No Edit Privately Allowed
  • No Denied Transaction Allowed
  • Better Security

Future Usage on Blockchain

Application for insurance, voting, healthcare and charity organisations is also possible in the future with blockchain decentralised open and secure computing technology

In recent years, Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin has always been said as a bubble waiting to burst but instead nvestors throughout the world has put it on high gear.  The acceptance of bitcoin by Japanese government, German government and Russia(2018 World Cup Host) have boosted investors’ confidence. Amazon and Goldman Sachs, an investment institution also see bitcoin in a different perspective which only push its price to soar in a sky rocket manner.

Cryptocurrency has limitless limitation on its intrinsic value as its value is based on public demand, circulation and popularity. No one is able to set a limit on its value / price single-handedly or its ceiling. Bitcoin has gained more than 1000% in 2017! Many experts are stunned by the rise and this has also created a batch of new millionaires who seized the opportunity.

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