Bluetooth Portable Karaoke Speaker(+5SZC per piece)
November 9, 2018
Camera Drone Helicopter (with camera) (+30SZC per piece)
November 9, 2018
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Wireless 3D Sensor Lamp (+5SZC per piece)

RM58.00 RM38.00

Place under table, bedroom, wardrobe,corridor,etc

Power: 2 hours charge for 90days

Steps to use:
1) Turned on/off with a simple hand gesture. When the hand wave is in the sensor area, the
light is on.
2) The brightness of the light can be adjust.
3)After 30 minutes, when no one waved hand, it will automatically shut down.
4) It is easy to install with nylon buckle,magnet or screw (not including screws).

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