01. Circulation Strategy and Long-term Business Opportunities

In order for Shopzcoin to become a successful cryptocurrency it have to ensure vast circulation by leverageing on online and offline merchants .  Beside trading in exchange, Shopzcoin has detailed a robust roadmap and plan  to gradually  expand its connection with businesses at all levels and industry.

02. Under Develop Project and Progress Update

Great News : Shopzcoin has successful completed its web wallet publication for public use to begin wallet registration on 24th Dec 2017 during Chrismas Eve.

2018 / JAN


ShopZcoin will be listed on Cryptobridge, Vellenex & C-cex global exchange.

2018 / FEB

API – application programming interface ready

ShopZcoin API simplifies connection capabilities which allow cross-border connection between merchants from all over the world faster, easier and seamless.

2018 / APRIL

Tie up with Union Pay and Master Card to issue our very first Debit Card which will pair with your ShopZcoin wallet.

2018 / JUNE

Cash Back program enabled with difference  tier of  cash rebate when you pay your bills by using Shopzcoin. This will help consumer earn while they spend.

2018 / JULY

Smart SHARE Wallet –   Allow multiple users to transfer sum into a shared wallet for group payment purposes. Anyone within the group can access the funds by having permission granted by everyone in the group.

2018 / OCT

Electronic Currency Exchange – Currency exchange is made via your ShopZcoin wallet. NO more queuing at banks or currency exchange counter.

2018 / DEC

Vellenex Exchange – Offering lower transaction fee than other exchange for ShopZcoin holder during trading at the exchange. Our objective is to increase user profit margin which will increase its spending power later .

03. Our Aspiration

To raise ShopZcoin value, achieve $150 in 5 years time.


Value Appreciation


Lower Rate Transaction Fee


Instant Transfer


5% POS Mining Reward


Global Application


Enjoy More Benefit & Reward


Enjoy More Privilege from Merchant