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September 7, 2018
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October 9, 2018
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ShopZcoin VIP Wallet is Launched on 1st October 2018

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ShopZcoin VIP Wallet is Launched on 1st October 2018

ShopZcoin Official – 1st October 2018

This is the new era of ShopZcoin with launching VIP wallet for user to promote special benefits that is truly VIP!

On that day, there are more than 300 people comes to join the ShopZcoin VIP Wallet Launching with 2 sessions,
With the great welcoming to all the guests come along in Malaysia & Indonesia,
ShopZcoin VIP Wallet enhanced with few type of benefits whereby not only for trading at price anymore.
But, it’s come with buy and sell with physical stocks, event tickets, and importantly, all these is available right now!

There also updated with Version 2.0 that upgraded with 9 functions:
1/ Security code for transaction
2/ Notification
3/ Application
4/ Global Access
5/ Instant Transfer
6/ e-wallet
7/ e-commerce
8/ VIP benefits
9/ Secure Lock

With all these benefits that fits in ShopZcoin, it is super potential to allow the market to run over the world!

With just register wallet, owned 5,000 ShopZcoin, and register VIP as the First 500 users to become VIP!

Come and join us now for more excitement features!!!
Wallet address: 

Here is the comparison of benefits with Non-VIP & VIP,

No Benefits 特权 Non-VIP VIP
1 Send & Receive ShopZcoin
2 Property Booking Fees – 50% With ShopZcoin
3 Purchase with Partial ShopZcoin
4 Promotional Item Purchase
5 Welcome Pack
6 Limited Edition Item Purchase
7 Invite to Exclusive Events
8 Property Booking Fees – Fully with ShopZcoin
9 Purchase will Full ShopZcoin
10 Exclusive Dinner with CEO at Secret Location
11 Car Purchase with Shopzcoin (only Downpayment)

For more information, you can contact via platform below:
Email : [email protected]
Phone : +6012 5918336
Whatapps :
Wechat ID : ShopZcoin_Official
Facebook :
Twitter :
QQ ID: 3135444986
Telegram :