The New ShopZcoin Authenticator App is Available in PlayStore Now!
June 13, 2018
ShopZcoin Lucky Draw Machine Event in IDCC Shah Alam on 15th July 2018
August 1, 2018
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ShopZcoin Authenticator is available in IOS App Store Now!!!

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ShopZcoin Authenticator is available in IOS App Store Now!!!

ShopZcoin Official – 17 July 2018

The 2FA passcode security function now is available in Apple App Store!

You can download at :

Fast login via Scan QR :

SZC Authenticator is a mobile security application based on two-factor authentication (2FA) that helps to verify user identities before granting them access to websites and services.

In order to access websites or web-based services, the user types in his normal username and password and then enters a 6-digit security token that was delivered to his device, triggered by the login.

That combination verifies that the same person entering login data on the site is in possession of the device to which the SZC Authenticator app was downloaded.

ShopZcoin Authenticator features include:
> Double security to sign-in SZC Authenticator using phone.
> Direct code enable for SZC wallet sign-in.
> Allow only 1 user per phone for top security.
> Scan QR Code on to fast login
To use SZC authenticator, you need to register SZC wallet and security code will provided through email.

For more information, you can contact via platform below:
Email : [email protected]
Whatapps :
Wechat ID : ShopZcoin_Official
Facebook :
Twitter :
QQ ID: 3135444986
Telegram :